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Welcome to the Kokusai Kohki web site. Our business serves mainly the local Japanese amateur astronomy market but, as we have been blessed with a suprising amount of interest from overseas, and non Japanese language speakers residing within Japan. I am including a little bit of English in keeping with our desire to give the world beyond the big ocean a window into our ever so humble local scene.

The majority of this site will appear a jumbles of strange characters to non-Japanese speaking browsers but please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Or, if you copy and paste into your email any jumble you may have an interest in, I should be able to read it OK on my email program and get back to you.

Our staff of eight hard-working individuals is proud to locally represent SBIG, APM, TMB, JMI, Kendricks AI, Astro Systems, Losmandy, Baader Planetarium, Synta and many other fine overseas astronomy equipment makers as their Japan agent. We are also dealers of many excellent local Japanese companies such as Takahashi, Vixen, Borg and Kenko.

Our showroom is open from 10AM to 6PM weekdays and Sundays. We take Saturdays and Japanese national holidays off. As international travel gets cheaper and easier all the time, I hope that you can make your way to our small corner of the world some day.

Clear skies!

Kokusai Kohki
email: magellan@kkohki.com

Kokusai Kohki (KK Magellan)
Ouno Cho 7-7, Kamikatsura, Nishikyo Ku, Kyoto 615-8215 JAPAN
magellan@kkohki.com / URL: www.kkohki.com
  075-394-2625 (from within domestic Japan) TEL: +81-75-394-2625 (from overseas / "+" denotes your overseas access code)
 075-394-2612 (from within domestic Japan) FAX: +81-75-394-2612 (from overseas / "+" denotes your overseas access code)

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