Kokusai Kohki Ordering and Other Details

Kokusai Kohki welcomes your overseas business. We deal with non-domestic Japan customers and suppliers on a daily basis and are confident of our ability to deliver anywhere in the world (within reason). Our pricing to you, in general, would be the standard domestic Japan price of items you are interested in. Please feel free to fax, email or call (in either English or Japanese) regarding your desired item(s). We will then email you an informal price list for that item or items.

In the past, we`ve worked hard at providing accurate door to door freight fees along with our product price estimates. However, the complexity of establishing an accurate fee to ship myriad items to locations all over the world, using the many transport methods available (FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS Airmail, Surface Mail etc), has proved this policy to be, after long practice, inefficient for us.

We have listed prices for shipping most of the items on our products page in English, but for other items not listed, we have come to the conclusion that we would be able to offer you quotes for shipping fees only after your desired items have been fairly well decided. In addition to our own proprietary products, many of the items our overseas customers seek are those of other manufacture. It is necessary to actually weigh and measure an item for size in order to provide an accurate freight estimate but as we often do not stock many of these items, an accurate cost figure becomes almost impossible to provide. As a rough rule of thumb, please calculate about 15~20% of the price of your items for a rough indication of what your freight fees might run.

Our preferred method of shipment is via fast "EMS" Airmail but we can also accomodate shipment via UPS, FedEx or any other shipping method you may prefer. We can also ship either freight fees collect (to businesses but not to individuals, due to shipping company policies). We are also happy to have a shipping company of your choice pick up your items at our dock, for forwarding to you per your directions. We can also advise you on the particulars of various methods of shipment.

We are able to offer payment via credit card only to our in-store customers. Apologies but we are unable to accept credit card payments online.


For online payment, we recommend PayPal. Our PayPal account is under our email address: magellan@kkohki.com

Our Paypal Shopping Basket is not currently set up so please email me with a list of your desired items and I can send you a billing estimate back via email. I can also send you a PayPal billing statement for your order total that will also include instructions on how to set up your own PayPal account, in the event you do not presently have one.

We can also accept payments via international wire transfer, directly to our bank account. However, this requires billing you an extra fee of 5,000 yen on top your order total, to cover our bank`s costs for wire transfer sevices. All fees incurred on the purchaser`s side to make this transfer would also have to be borne by the customer. For this reason, we again recommend PayPal for online payments.

Items shipped overseas will be sent immediately (based on availability) upon receipt of full payment to our PayPal account, or to our bank in the even of a wire transfer. All new products purchased from Kokusai Kohki carry the original (local Japan) warranty. In the event a problem we will honor this warranty on condition that the customer prepay freight for the item back to us. The length of new product warranties are generally one year. As a protection for our overseas customers and due to the hassle of returning items from overseas, we make it a point to check your purchase for proper operation before shipment. So far, we have been fortunate in experiencing few problems with items shipped overseas.

Your satisfaction is important to us, regardless of domestic Japan or overseas orders. In the event of dissatisfaction or finding that the item does not meet your needs, etc, we can offer you either a full refund of your purchase price minus bank wire transfer fees, provided the item is sent back to us freight prepaid in brand new condition. Or, if you prefer, an exchange may also be acceptable. Items returned in non-brand new condition will be pro-rated for refund purposes. In case of easily discernable damage, a refund may not be possible and proper action in such situations will be determined on a case by case basis. At any rate, in the event of problems, we will deal with you as promptly, politely and as non-bureaucractically as possible.

Please be aware that manuals for products purchased in Japan will be in Japanese and we do not provide translations of these manauals as a standard item. A translation could be provided as an optional service but this can get VERY expensive. Please let us know if you have any concerns in this department.

We are sometimes able to supply interesting and rare used and spot items to overseas clients. Schmidt cameras, rugged locally made equatorial mounts, flourite refractors etc etc. Please send us your requirements. Though we cannot promise delivery in case of a used item, we will do our best to find it or an equivalent for you.

We sell used item in "AS-IS" condition and do not warrant them. Still, we do try to check these items for proper functioning before shipment. In many cases, however (for example, schmidt cameras etc), it is not possible for us to be thorough. By obtaining an optional factory overhaul/tune-up, it is then possible to be sure of proper operation with a warranty to back this up. Of course, items that are out of production or where the manufacturer is no longer in business, such refurbishment may not be possible. In any event, if an item is returned to us freight prepaid, we will attempt to make arrangements for repair/adjustment as needed on a cost plus basis. No refunds are possible on used items, though a trade may be possible depending on the item.

With world travel becoming so easy these days, why not drop by our shop and pick up your prize telescope, mounting, eyepiece etc in person? In case of domestic sales, we are free to offer all makers`s products at local prices. See a little bit of Japan, have a few sips of sake while moon-viewing and enjoy a brand spanking new Made in Japan telescope fresh off the factory floor. We are located about 2~3 hours away by train from Osaka`s Kansai International Airport. A direct line train connects Kansai Airport to our city of Kyoto and then it is a 20 minute taxi ride from Kyoto Station to Kokusai Kohki. We are also 3~4 hours from Tokyo via the Bullet Train plus another 20 minutes for that taxi ride from Kyoto Station. Please click here for detailed directions to our shop.

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